Crittenden Biometrical

Consulting  services in quantitative biology

Address: 274 Sturdevant Rd. Sequim WA 98382 -----   Telephone: (360) 582-9550

I am an independent  professional.  My qualifications are as follows: 

I hold a B.S. in zoology, but also took a significant amount of mathematics and physical sciences;
an M.S. in Marine biology, specializing in mathematical ecology,  but did my thesis on modeling the microclimatology of small streams;
a Ph.D. in Fisheries, focusing on biological statistics (that is biometrics),  and did my thesis on the statistical analysis of hydroacoustic surveys for  fisheries assessment; and
I did a Post-Doctoral fellowship on salmon.
I have published about two dozen scientific articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and many technical reports. 
For the approximately the last fifteen years, I have worked as an independent consultant primarily in Western Washington. 
My clients have included individuals;   property owners' groups; farmers' organizations; environmental organizations;  other consulting companies; industry; and County, State, Federal and foreign governments; 
Quantitative methods are applicable to a wide range of applications and over my approximately three decades of professional experience, I have addressed many different topics. The topics I have worked on include but are not limited to developing new statistical methods; ecological and environmental modeling; fisheries;  fresh and saltwater zooplankton and phytoplankton; marine benthic communities; hydroacoustics; hydrodynamics of open channels and porous media; ground and surface water; channel migration, microclimatology and ecology of streams and rivers; genetics; and so on... ---
I also have practical experience in local and State politics and, having worked for several years as a volunteer librarian in a law library, I have some familiarity with the law, although, I do not give legal advice.   
 In addition, I have also published popular works on history,  philosophy, and politics and will soon publish on religion.